The Board oversees and drives a strategic approach to sustainability that responds to the interests of all key stakeholders while protecting and creating value. AEEI is aware of and appreciates the evolution of governance. The Group’s core purpose, business model, performance, risks, opportunities and sustainable development are inseparable elements of the value-creation process. The Board is aware that its responsibility and accountability and producing solid financial results include managing the Company’s environmental and social impact and addressing stakeholders’ expectations, including regulators, investors, business partners and employees.

AEEI’s business is built on a solid foundation, including its business model, core values and principles. Our products and services are the tangible outputs of our business activities, and our social and ethical responsibilities guide our day-to-day activities. All forms of sustainability are extremely important in our strategy and operational activities.

The ultimate responsibility of sustainability rests with the Board and the Board has tasked the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee to manage, monitor and advise it on these matters.

AEEI’s goal has always been to provide innovative management solutions to every subsidiary and client while remaining committed to social responsibility.