AEEI’s business model and philosophy has resulted in it acquiring control of the majority of its operational investments, holds a diverse portfolio of investments as well as holding non-controlling stakes in strategic investments and associates. This enables it to add value through its extensive expertise and networks, influence business processes, provide management expertise and synergies with existing investments while promoting an entrepreneurial culture within its management structure and staff. Through our assets and investments, we drive the businesses to become efficient on a sustainable basis, which generates revenue, provide capital to grow the business and ensure above market shareholder returns.

The investment committee assists the Board to evaluate opportunities that present themselves to the Group, to advise the Board on such investment opportunities in a transparent manner and to ensure that sufficient consideration has been afforded to such opportunities. However, the Board is responsible for the final decision on all such investments.

AEEI’s investment decisions, across its entire portfolio are driven by the overall objective of creating and growing stakeholder value in a sustainable manner. This is achieved by ensuring all investments, be it acquisitions or organic growth projects, are subjected to review by the investment committee. The committee is well balanced, has legal, financial and strategic expertise. Investments are adjudicated to ensure it has both a strategic fit with synergistic benefits to the current portfolio and that the investment provides an acceptable level of return with a reasonable payback period (based on the specific industry).

Strategic road maps per sector invested has been developed and each investment is adjudicated in line with its contribution to the aggressive growth plan mandated by the Board.