Premier Fishing and Brands Ltd (Premier) was listed on the JSE in March 2017. Premier Fishing SA (Pty) Ltd (Premier Fishing), a division of Premier, is the largest black-owned and managed fishing company in South Africa.

Premier Fishing has existed since 1952 and has four operating divisions, two subsidiary companies and several joint-venture operations. It is a vertically integrated group that specialises in the harvesting, processing, and marketing of fish and fish-related products.

Premier Fishing owns factories, facilities, and fishing vessels, operating in two South African provinces.

Premier and its subsidiaries hold medium-to long-term fishing rights in West Coast rock lobster, South Coast rock lobster, small pelagic (anchovy and sardine), deep-sea hake trawl, longline hake, and squid. In addition, Premier Fishing owns an abalone farm and invests inorganic agricultural products through the Seagro range of products.

They offer sales, marketing, and production of West Coast rock lobster, South Coast rock lobster, longline hake, squid, fishmeal, abalone and Seagro (organic fertiliser).