AEEI was established when opportunities were created for black business people and professionals to participate in the economic mainstream, due to the political and legislative framework initiated in 1994.

For AEEI, transformation transcends BBBEE and includes the transformation of culture, ethics and the intrinsic values of the organisation.

From the outset, the Company’s ethos was a transformational one and the majority of its founding members have been social activists. They participated in the struggle to transform South Africa from a state that denied the majority of its citizens, political, social and economic participation, to a democratic country in which absolute participation was made possible.

The BBBEE Codes of Good Practice promulgated in 2007, emphasised the need to extend empowerment to a broader base of South Africans. These Codes provided guidelines and a balanced scorecard to measure the transformation of a business entity from an empowerment perspective. AEEI championed transformation within the Group and has been extensively recognised for its contribution to this process.