The Dr Iqbal Survé Bursary Trust (Education)

The bursary, initiated by the former chairman, Dr Survé, provides learners with the opportunity to further their studies at universities, technikons and specialised academies. Many of these young South African men and women aspire to become qualified professionals within various sectors and are afforded this opportunity through the trust.

The bursary is directed at the poorest students who, without the support of the bursary, would lack the funds and resources to fulfil their dreams. The bursary fulfils the country’s dire need for more professionals and to improve the accessibility to better education for a broader base of South Africans. The bursary includes the promotion of high school and tertiary education in the country. To date, more than 30 students benefited from the bursary.

Premier Fishing Bursary Trust

This bursary trust assists employees to further educate their dependants who want to study at a tertiary institution. The bursary also includes dependants in grades 11 and 12 wanting to qualify for future higher education by assisting them with additional lessons. To date, the bursary trust has assisted more than 40 dependants.

Where Rainbows Meet – Training and Development Foundation
Selwyn Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme

Where Rainbows Meet – Training and Development Foundation is based in the community of Vrygrond, the oldest informal settlement in the Western Cape. The foundation is based within the community, providing services for that community and is managed and facilitated by members from the same community and surrounding areas.

The programme was started in 2010 with four children and now hosts over 200 children. The need arose as the children were left unsupervised and alone on the streets during the day, as their parents were involved in alcohol and drug abuse. A safe, supervised environment was created for these young children during the day. The children are supervised for approximately one year, thus making space for new children to attend the programme. During this period, AEEI employees were actively engaged and tried to secure sponsorship for the children to be placed either into a local crèche or school.

The employees in the Group are active participants in the quest to give back to the communities within which the Group operates and became involved in this community project with a hands-on approach. Ongoing employee support took place during the year under review and, together with the contribution from the Company, they were able to assist in the basic day-to-day needs of the children in the foundation phase of the programme.

Where Rainbows Meet – Training and Development Foundation
Youth programme

More than 300 students from the community of Vrygrond were assisted with the payment of their school fees, school clothing and school stationery in order to keep them in school for the year. Some of these students have gone back to school with the financial assistance of the Company. Some of these students have also benefited from the Company’s bursary programme.

Cedar Primary School

The Sekunjalo Development Foundation assisted Cedar Primary School by pledging funds towards the purchasing of school stationery after the school administration building was vandalised and burnt down.