Social Sustainability

For  AEEI, social sustainability and corporate citizenship go beyond legislative compliance. Social sustainability recognises the rights and responsibilities of businesses within a broader societal context and reinforces AEEI’s mission of being a dynamic and innovative Company that creates superior stakeholder value.

The Group is aware of the critical role that a business should play in the upliftment and development of the previously disadvantaged majority. The Group is committed to investing in the upliftment of society and in playing a pivotal role in improving the quality of life among the disadvantaged communities through its corporate citizenship initiatives. We continue to subscribe to a sustainable approach in conducting our business.

AEEI’s strategic focus on  being an  exemplary custodian assists us  to manage our impact on  the communities around us  and to actively contribute to their socio- economic development through various initiatives.

Many of the subsidiaries in the Group support their own initiatives in line with the Group’s policy and their areas of operation.

It is for  this reason that we need to give back to the communities in which we operate by:

  • driving the corporate social investment strategy across the Group, investing in social services in our communities and creating value through social investment;
  • supporting local business and promoting social and economic development;
  • providing employment opportunities and skills development;
  • providing training and development through our internship programme;
  • investing in the future of our youth and facilitating access to higher education;
  • paying our taxes and royalties to government;
  • driving the B-BBEE targets in the Group;
  • further driving transformation throughout the Group;
  • adhering to ethical standards and preventing corruption;
  • ensuring effective risk management and compliance;
  • promoting social and economic development;
  • promoting partnerships with business peers, sector organisations and research bodies;
  • having open channels of communications; and
  • ensuring that the Group is and is seen to be a responsible corporate citizen.