Premier Fishing

Premier Fishing

Premier Fishing is a vertically integrated fishing and predominately a commercial fishing, fish processing and marketing Company. The revenue of the Premier Fishing Group is generated from the sales of west coast rock lobster, south coast rock lobster, small pelagics, hake, squid and abalone and also from their cold storage facilities.

The Premier Fishing Group’s aim is to catch all of its fish in an environmentally friendly method as well as a cost-effective manner. In line with this, they developed strong brands across all of its products and built solid relationships with its customers in Asia (China, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan), Spain and the USA. In doing so, the Premier Fishing Group has developed sustainable profits through efficient cost management and good marketing strategies.

The Premier Fishing Group continues to develop partnerships with small companies, particularly in the west coast rock lobster and wild abalone sectors, which it assists by giving business advice to run their businesses sustainably as well as profitably. This is in line with the Premier Fishing Group’s principle of developing smaller marginalised-owned companies as well as in investing back into the communities from which it operates within.

The Premier Fishing Group continues to:

  • implement innovative procedures within the value chain to increase efficiency in line with environmental best practices, thereby reducing their carbon footprint;
  • invest in reliable technology which allows the Company to reduce mortalities for live lobster kept for the export market, therefore assisting in obtaining the best market price;
  • develop all of their employees;
  • assist small businesses to grow and achieve their full potential; and
  • ultimately deliver good sustainable returns to all of their stakeholders.