Premier Fishing and Brands

About the Food and Fishing Division


Established in 1952, Premier Fishing has four operating divisions, two subsidiary companies and a number of joint venture operations. Premier Fishing specialising in the harvesting, processing and marketing of fish and fish-related products.

Premier Fishing and its subsidiaries hold medium to long-term fishing rights in west coast rock lobster, south coast rock lobster, small pelagics (anchovy and sardine), hake deep-sea trawl, hake long-line and squid. In addition, Premier Fishing owns an abalone farm as well as invests in organic agriculture through the Seagro range of organic liquid fertilisers.

Premier Fishing is the largest black-owned and controlled fishing Company in South Africa and aims to:

  • implement innovative processes within the value chain to increase efficiency in line with environmental best practices, thereby reducing its carbon footprint and water conservation;
  • invest in reliable technology which allows the Company to reduce mortalities for live lobster kept for the export market, thereby ensuring maximum utilisation of the resource;
  • invest in natural energy, thereby reducing reliance on the national power output and reducing its carbon footprint;
  • continuously mentor and develop all of its employees;
  • assist small businesses to grow and achieve their full potential; and
  • ultimately delivering good sustainable returns to all of their stakeholders.


Pioneer Foods is one of the largest producers and distributors in South Africa of food, beverages and related products for human and animal consumption. Pioneer Foods operates across the country, providing the nation with affordable foods while consistently maintaining a high safety and national quality, supported by a large, innovative and stable workforce.