Portfolio Overview

Strategic Investments

The Group’s strategic investments consist of stakes in British Telecom Communication Services South Africa (BTSA), Saab SA (Saab) and Pioneer Food Group Limited (Pioneer Foods) (now reported under food and fishing).

Food and Fishing

Premier Fishing is the largest black-owned and controlled fishing Company in the South African fishing industry and has been in existence since 1952. Premier Fishing has four operating divisions, two subsidiary companies and a number of joint venture operations. Premier Fishing is a vertically integrated Group which specializes in the harvesting, processing and marketing of fish and fish-related products.

Premier Fishing and its subsidiaries hold medium to long term fishing rights in west-coast rock lobster, south coast rock lobster, small pelagics (anchovy and sardine), and hake deep sea-trawl, hake long line, tuna, seaweed and squid. In addition, Premier Fishing owns an abalone farm and invests in organic agriculture through the Seagro range of products.

Premier Fishing’s trusted brands and high-quality products and services have been developed over many years and remain sought after by their customers.


The Technology division is comprised of businesses that are leaders in their respective niche markets, have solid client bases and achieve high levels of sustained organic growth with particular focus on the healthcare and financial services sectors and secondary focus on mobile solutions in the industrial sector as well as the solar energy arena.

Health & Biotherapeutics

This division’s mission is to become a recognised force in the South African health, pharmaceutical and biotherapeutics market. They focus on professionalism, affordability and sustainability in the delivery of cost-effective and relevant solutions in healthcare and food and hygiene.

Events and Tourism

This division has a cutting-edge global competitor Company in events management and travel solutions. Over the past decade, the events Company staged international music festivals throughout Africa and under their leadership; the Cape Town International Jazz Festival has been named the fourth best jazz festival worldwide.

New to this division is a medium wave commercial music radio station.

Contribution To Profit

Strategic Investments



Health & Biotheraputics

Enterprise Development