“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.”

Ban Ki-moon

With global business having entered a new era of responsibility and accountability, in addition to producing solid financial results, business leaders are now responsible for managing their Company’s environmental and social impact, as well as addressing the expectations of stakeholders, including legislators, investors, customers and employees.



One of the key strategic objectives for the AEEI Group is to create sustainable value for all stakeholders and to integrate sustainable development into strategy, management and reporting with the objective of reducing the negative impact on the environment.

AEEI is driven by its core values and strong commitment to social, environmental and economic changes, with a great emphasis on marginalised groups. AEEI acknowledges its responsibility to all employees and the public for compliance with environmental standards. It has established policies, identified standards and determined regulatory requirements. One of AEEI’s goals is to provide innovative solutions to every subsidiary and client, while remaining committed to social responsibility.

AEEI continues to build on its trusted relationships with consumers and engage them as citizens in the context of sustainable values. In doing so, we continually support the development of a positive public attitude towards increased innovation, the stimulation of new green enterprises, the upskilling of new and existing employees and managers, investing in research and development and developing research centres relevant to our industry and intellectual property, i.e. patents, trademarks, licences and copyrights.


AEEI continues to have a very low direct impact on the environment, but we are affected by the environment in which we operate and the impact of climate change in general on our business. The Group is committed to environmentally sustainable practices, especially when it comes to fishing resources. In this regard, Premier Fishing works closely with the relevant authorities to safeguard the various fish species and pays careful attention to the environmental impact of its operations. All our businesses units report on their environmental impact, even though they have a very low direct impact on the environment, with the exception of the Food and Fishing division.

The Board is firmly committed to the development of intellectual and human capital. In line with this, the performance assessment of senior managers includes an assessment of how they have developed the human capital of the organisation. The Board focuses on the development of historically disadvantaged individuals in particular.

The Board has affirmed the practice with regard to procurement by its subsidiaries from black economic empowerment companies. The Board has policies in place to ensure that the entire Group’s subsidiaries act in an environmentally friendly manner that takes into account the existence of the communities in which the subsidiary operations are located.

AEEI’s goal has always been to provide innovative solutions to every subsidiary and client while remaining committed to social responsibility. Refer to social sustainability for the full report.

The Group’s material issues, the stakeholders affected and how we manage them can be found in the value-added statement.


The following report details the material issues, key performance indicators, our 2016 progress, the risks related to the material issue and the opportunities created by the material issues on the six capitals:


Refer to the value-added statement for more information.


The AEEI Group is fully committed to and conscious of the necessity for environmentally sound practices. The Food and Fishing division has identified monitoring and measuring programmes to further increase its environmental accountability.