Investment Philosophy

AEEI’s business model enables it to add value through its extensive networks, while promoting an entrepreneurial culture within its management structure and employees.

Through AEEI’s strategic non-controlling strategic investments, the Company is able to add value and influence the business process to create wealth and achieve transformation.

AEEI’s investment philosophy is to:

  • create sustainable wealth for all of its stakeholders;
  • ensure shareholder returns;
  • provide capital investment to grow our businesses;
  • provide and maintain high-quality infrastructures and assets;
  • maintain sound corporate governance, business practices and ethical behaviour;
  • acquire control of the majority of its operational investments;
  • acquire non-controlling stakes in strategic investments;
  • add value and influence business processes;
  • stimulate economic growth by assisting and adding value to SMMEs;
  • promote an entrepreneurial culture; and
  • be open and transparent in its reporting