Investment Philosophy

AEEI’s investment philosophy is driven by sound business principles and practices in its quest to create sustainable wealth for all of its stakeholders. It translates this philosophy into action by identifying and promoting entrepreneurs who possess both potential and flair in their prospective ventures.

The Group’s management team is encouraged to run each business unit in a sustainable manner and with due regard for the broader interests of communities and the environment.

Due to the AEEI business model, the Company has acquired control of the majority of its operational investments. This enables it to add value through its extensive networks while promoting an entrepreneurial culture within its management structures and employees.

The Company is also open to acquiring strategic non-controlling stakes in investments, provided that AEEI is able to add value and influence the business processes in order to create wealth and achieve transformation.

A cornerstone of AEEI’s philosophy is the advancement of previously marginalised groups through employment creation and placing emphasis on the development and transfer of skills. The Group’s investment philosophy is value-driven and as such, is soundly based on the need to maintain and strengthen corporate governance.