Corporate Social Investment

Corporate Social Investment

The Group’s CSI programmes are managed through the Sekunjalo Development Foundation (SDF) whose aim is to create a sustained social impact through focused activities. The SDF has selected focus areas that have an impact on individual and societal development and play a significant role in nurturing young people who represent the future.

The SDF’s approach is to:

  • Encourage employee participation and volunteering in its CSI programmes;
  • Prioritise CSI across the Group, focusing on set initiatives that support societal challenges; and
  • Ensure the integration of community needs.

The SDF continues to move away from ad hoc requests to focused areas, which are shaped by an increasing need to ensure effective stakeholder relations and the socioeconomic needs of the communities in which the Group conducts its business.

For the year ahead the SDF will continue with its CSI programmes in the focused areas below, with more emphasis on the areas of social and enterprise development.