Congratulations to Khalid Abdulla | Take a Bow

17 December 2015
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Take a bow to Mr Khalid Abdulla, CEO of African Equity Empowerment Investments (AEEI), rated among 10 (yes, ten) of the best business leaders in the country. Financial Mail’s cover story ‘The Best and Worst Business Leaders of 2015’ of 17 December, a double spread article on page 18 and 19 published and compiled a 10-strong list of the best and worst CEO’s of 2015.


Khalid Abdulla features among the ten best, with the likes of Remgro’s CEO Thys Visser, Colin Hall of Woolrtru; and Mike Brain, who built up remarkable shareholder value in small  packaging group Bowler Metcalf.

FM continues, “There were a number of candidates bubbling under the top 10 list whom it would be a disservice not to mention. Khalid Abdulla of empowerment group AEEI has toiled away tirelessly to restore cash flows and deal flows and, more importantly, won back some market confidence.”

Other CEO’s mentioned in the article included Brian Joffe, Johnny Copelyn of Hoske, retail tycoon Christo Wiese and Whitey Basson and many more.

From all at AEEI, congratulations Khalid! What an accolade!