Health System Technologies

Health System Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Health Systems Technologies (Pty) Ltd offers ICT solutions to the healthcare industry, such as hospitals; primary healthcare, laboratory and pharmacy information systems; electronic health records; continuity of care records and telemedicine backed by the necessary professional services, such as consulting, system architecture design, system integration, business intelligence and development of bespoke software solutions.

HST has existing strong alliances with major role players in the healthcare and IT industries, and is very well positioned for significant future growth. These alliances include:

  • Siemens Medical Services in South Africa, Erlangen and Malvern (USA)
  • Siemens Business Services in South Africa
  • Fujitsu
  • T-Systems South Africa
  • AME International and AME Africa
  • Intersystems
  • The IQ Business Group
  • ICNET in South Africa and the UK
  • JAC in the UK